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Muslim fashion isnt something new, whats new is that mainstream designers are starting to develop clothing appealing to Muslims. And hijab wearing women are becoming more visible. As my daughter put it, the women in the photo are Internet famous on social media. While they are stylish fashionistas, they are also educated, creative, accomplished entrepreneurs, filmmakers, lawyers, nurses, photographers and journalists. They, and others like them, serve as role-models empowering women to wear hijab proudly. Some of them appear in the new music video Cover Girl (Rockin that Hijab)" , by Canadian duo, Deen Squad. One of the verses is: This is for my sisters in the west 2017, she aint tryna be oppressed She represents peace and she got her own voice And Shes not forced to wear it, cause she made her own choice For those who worry these are signs that Muslims are going to force everyone to wear hijab, please chill out. While there are a few cultures where women are forced to wear some kind of cultural cover, the majority of women, who identify as Muslim, dont wear hijab. There are some very pious women who acknowledge its something God has directed women to do, but, for whatever reason, dont wear it. For some, even in Muslim majority countries, wearing hijab is forbidden.

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